PropTech 2023 – Real Estate and the Future of Construction

Where Real Estate, Technology and Construction Intersect

As the Canadian PropTech space is continuing to lead the way in changing the world, we’re excited to announce that we’re coming to Toronto on Wednesday January 4th.

Do you want to meet the leaders who are spearheading 3D printing homes across the globe? Do you want to connect with key people of influence in the property tech space who are leading the way in cutting construction costs by 50%? PropTech 2023 is where real estate, construction and technology meet.

Since 2015, Toronto has topped the RLB Crane Index for North America and was named by Toronto Metropolitan University’s Centre for Urban Research and Land Development as the fastest growing city in North America. The thriving Canadian real estate industry has created enormous opportunity for growth in related sectors and successful business models are taking root.

We are bringing together the global PropTech industry under one roof on January 4th. The past 3 months has changed a lot of things when it comes to Real Estate in Ontario and Canada in general. We’ll be bringing together architects, tech founders and innovators who are redefining the Real Estate and the Future of Construction.

Make sure to register, grab your ticket and join us for a 3 hour event in the heart of Toronto.

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